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Team Building Volunteering Mavericks Event Center

Combine Team Building with Volunteering at Mavericks Event Center

Group volunteering is a great way to bring your work team closer together and do some good for the community as well. Mavericks Event Center in Half Moon Bay would like to invite your company to plan your corporate retreat with us, and then incorporate giving back to the local community into your team building agenda. We have three exciting 501c3 that are doing great work and are either walking distance or close proximity to our event center. All of them would be thrilled to have your team contribute its expertise and time during your corporate offsite.

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Start Planning Your Fall Oceanfront Wedding

Fall is a wonderful time to have your San Francisco wedding, especially if you are thinking about an oceanfront venue. In fall, our famously foggy Bay Area weather turns sunny, with an average temperature in the low 70’s. Evenings are perfect for lingering outdoors with friends and family.

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gray whale watching half moon bay 2019

It’s Whale Watching Season at Half Moon Bay

Beginning in January through the end of March, thousands of gray whales travel over 5,000 miles along the California coast from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska down to Baja California in Mexico. During the summer, they live in the Arctic, rich with bottom-dwelling organisms. As fall approaches, there is less sunlight and food, so they need to head south. While in Baja, they mate and give birth to their young. From March through May, gray whale mothers and their calves travel back north again to Alaska.

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Oceanfront Wedding Venue San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for an Oceanfront Wedding Venue in the San Francisco Bay Area?

“We are beyond happy that we chose to get married at Mavericks Event Center.”

If your dream is to get married beside the Pacific Ocean, Mavericks Event Center is one of the only truly oceanfront wedding venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. Named for the famed surf break right up the beach, Mavericks Event Center sits on a wide bluff, just feet from the gentle surf. Combine its exceptional location, attentive staff, and on-site catering, and you have everything you need for a beautiful, stress-free wedding day. Numerous happy couples have held their ceremony at our beautiful ceremony site with an arch overlooking the water, and then moved to our indoor ballroom for their reception.

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Why Your Perfect Offsite Meeting Venue Is Mavericks Event Center

Companies understand that to help their work teams develop common goals and build creativity and collaboration, they need to spend focused time out of the office together on an offsite or retreat. As mentioned in The Why, When, and How of Successful Retreats from Just Works Consulting and Jeremy Phillips Consulting: “Retreats can build organizational muscle for strategic and creative thinking that can be carried back into daily work. A retreat can be an opportunity for taking stock, reflecting together, assessing and refining practice, and providing a turbo boost to specific aspects of work.”

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What’s Happening in Half Moon Bay This Fall?

Mention Half Moon Bay and fall in the same sentence, and most people immediately think of the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival. This increasingly popular event draws participants from the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the rest of the world, for a weekend of nonstop pumpkin festivities.

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